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Fire & Rescue

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ACE provides fire suppression and support services for any fire related incident. Our capabilities allow for rapid deployment and easy mobility in remote situations.

Fire Suppression Equipment and Support Service:  ACE has 2 fire suppression support trailers, capable of providing fire suppression or support services for any fire related needs. Fire suppression equipment includes a 1250 gpm Hale fire pump, a 500 gpm Hale fire pump, 1000 feet of LDH hose, 500 gpm and 750 gpm Ground monitors, 4 wheel drive Compressed Air Foam Truck, foam application equipment, structural Bunker gear, wild land gear, 3000 feet of 3” hose, 3000 feet of 1 ½ Hose, Hand nozzles, Foam educators, Level “B” fire suits, Proximity suits, and wheeled fire extinguishers. In addition to our Fire Suppression Services ACE also stocks a large inventory of fire extinguishers ranging in size from 2.5 lb to 350 lb.  ACE also has a fire extinguisher service truck capable of performing complete on site services for portable extinguishers, including training, monthly maintenance and inspections, recharging, and hydrostatic and fire hose testing. ACE stocks the following: AFFF foam, Coldfire extinguishing agent, and dry chemical agents.

  • Industrial Firefighting
  • High Angle/Confined Space Rescue
  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Breathing Air and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Wildfire Rescue and Watch Services
  • Standby Services

Fire Suppression Equipment

  • 2 Fire Suppression Support Trailers
  • 1250 gpm Hale Fire Pump
  • 500 gpm Hale Fire Pump
  • 1000 Feet of LDH Hose
  • 500 gpm and 750 gpm Ground Monitors
  • 4-wheel Drive Compressed Air Foam Truck Application Equipment
  • Structural Bunker and Wild Land Gear
  • 3000 Feet of 3” Hose
  • 3000 Feet of 1½” Hose
  • Level B Fire Suits
  • Proximity Suits
  • Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

Support Services and Supplies

  • Large Inventory of 2.5 to 350 lb Fire Extinguishers
  • Complete On-site Portable Extinguisher Services
  • Training, Monthly Maintenance and Inspections
  • Extinguisher recharging
  • Hydrostatic and Fire Hose Testing
  • In-stock AFFF Foam, Coldfire Extinguishing Agents, and Dry Chemical Agents

Wild fires, Right-of-Ways, Fire Watchfire-1

ACE staff includes highly trained professional firefighters and technicians who specialize in all areas of emergency fire response, rescue and prevention.

ACE fire equipment includes highly mobile units capable of working in all terrains. We are prepared to respond quickly with the most advanced
equipment available.

Foam Units and Rescue TeamsDSCN0141-800x

Liquid foam dispensers customizable to any situation
Modular, self-powered, self-contained units
Adaptable to multiple sites and conditions

ACE personnel, including our on-staff EMT, are trained for industrial rescue including confined space and high angle rescue.