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Breathing Air

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ACE continuously invests in the most current technology and maintains a comprehensive range of breathing air support equipment and services. All forms of respiratory protection are provided. We also have on staff certified Draeger Level II technicians.

Our large Breathing Air Trailer consists of a 53’ Semi Trailer with a mounted 25 KW Generator, command center and a 12 CFM Air Compressor with a dual cylinder refill station for refilling both low pressure and high pressure systems. It travels with 30 air packs, 60 spare bottles, 15 Hose line units, 18 large cylinders/ hardware for large equipment applications, and an ATV and trailer. Additional equipment includes Draeger SCBA High Pressure (4500 psi/1 hour) Units, 6 Draeger BG-4 Closed Circuit Systems (4 hour Units), 40+ Dual Twin Respirators with cartridges, 75+ full face Draeger APR masks with cartridges (for numerous applications), 20+ Hose Line Units with 3000 feet of Hose Line including cylinders and hardware systems to support up to sixteen large pieces of equipment, thus enabling the operators to work in hazardous vapor environments. Services include Fit testing capabilities for our Draeger Breathing Air Systems and MSA Ultra Twin Air Purifying Respirators (APR). Not only can we provide a large amount of breathing air, but our inventory encompasses another breathing air trailer for smaller incidents. We also have on staff, Draeger Level II Technicians. All forms of respiratory protection are available.

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus UnitsUse as Icon on home page-Breathing Air Thumb

  • Draeger SCBA 60 minute units
  • Escape packs
  • Hose lines (Cascade work units)


Rapid Response Trailer with Compressorsbacomp

  • Custom Rapid Response 53-Foot Breathing Air Trailer
  • SCBA Units
  • 25 KW Generator
  • Command Center
  • 12 CFM Air Compressor w/ Dual Cylinder
  • Refill Station
  • 30 Air Packs
  • 60 Spare Bottles
  • 15 Hose Line Units
  • 18 Large Cylinders
  • ATV and Trailer
  • Complete Line of Draeger Systems
  • Fit Testing
  • MSA Ultra Twin Air Purifying Respirators
  • Auxiliary Breathing Air Trailer for Smaller Incidents

Authorized Drager Distributerdraeger-4-002

  • ACE is an authorized Drager distributor and maintenance and training center.